We are in an emergency and that means we need to act urgently.

We hope that by reading some of the stories and suggestions on this site you will be inspired to join Julia and friends in taking urgent action to protect the beautiful and nurturing biodiversity of our world and safe living conditions for us all.

julia davies

Julia Davies is a true impact investor, lawyer, philanthropist and campaigner dedicating her time, skills and resources to restoring and protecting safe living conditions on earth. Julia works under the mantra We Have The POWER (Protect Our World – Educate Restore). 

Julia’s mission is to catalyse practical action by:-

  • Investing in companies and organisations implementing solutions to problems jeopardising life on earth and helping us transition to a higher welfare, kinder and safer for all life on earth way of living
  • Providing bridging loans to accelerate regeneration, including to wildlife and community groups acquiring land to restore to nature and people and to community energy companies.


Julia has a particular focus on the circular economy and is on a mission to turn down the tap on new through promoting reuse.

Julia is a founding member of Patriotic Millionaires UK – campaigning to address extreme wealth inequality and unfair under taxation of wealth.

tim stumpf

Tim Stumpff is an impact investor focusing on community energy, microfinance, and helping to decarbonise the world in a just and sustainable manner. 

He’s on the board of Purple Shoots, Repowering Communities, National Energy Foundation, and FINCA UK, and a member of PMUK.

Tim focuses on trying to bring about daily and immediate, even if incremental, positive change.  In addition to his investing and philanthropical efforts, Tim volunteers for food rescue and redistribution charities, and he and his partner provide temporary housing for otherwise-unhoused asylum seekers in need of short-term accommodations.

james kraft

James Kraft is a serial entrepreneur and experienced investor with a focus on sustainability and health.   James has provided valuable support on my steep learning curve in impact investing – both to me and several of the impact companies I have invested in.   As well as running Standing CT James is on the board of several companies including Revolution-ZERO and Kleandrive.

The Wildlife Trusts are a grassroots movement that believe we need nature and it needs us. More than 900,000 members and 39,000 volunteers work together with their Wildlife Trust to make their local area wilder and make nature part of life, for everyone. Every Wildlife Trust is an independent charity.

Julia works closely with The Wildlife Trusts on the Funding Nature project which you can read about here.

Dorset Wildlife Trust is my local Wildlife Trust – what’s yours?

Julia worked closely with Dorset Wildlife Trust on the first Funding Nature acquisition which you can read about here.