About Us

We Have The Power is an Environmental Fund set up to support and promote inspiring projects and campaigns to help tackle the Climate & Ecological Crisis. Our mission is to Protect our World – Educate, Restore (POWER).

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Regenerative Loans

Interest free or low interest loans providing bridging finance to catalyse regeneration of nature, regenerative farming and urban regeneration.

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Green Innovation

To tackle the Climate & Ecological Emergency we need every green tool in our tool box – plus a whole load of new ones. We need to fundamentally change the way we do business, moving from a consume and dispose society to a circular economy where impact on the environment and society is weighed equally against profit making. Supporting innovative start-up businesses is a fundamental part of the urgent action we need to tackle the Climate & Ecological Emergency.

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Projects We Support

We are proud to have helped fund some fantastic work by organisations giving it their all to protect and restore our natural World and educate our future trail blazers – in whose hands we leave a World in need of much care.

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Our Campaigns

We’re working on several exciting campaigns to tackle the challenges facing our natural World. Take a look and lend your support.

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Resource Hub

Browse our range of resources created to help promote care for our natural World. Here you’ll find leaflets, signs and posters that can be used and shared for free to promote Climate and Environmental protection.

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