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Supporting Transport Action Network

Gwent Wildlife Trust Donation

'In Debt to the Planet' - ShareAction holding banks to account

Supporting #Youth4ClimateJustice

Farming with Flower Power - Supporting the RSPB

Running the London Marathon for DSWF

The Ecological Land Cooperative Donation

Gardening for Nature Recovery

Strawberry Hill – Funding Nature acquisition no. 9

Greenpeace Takes Government to Court Over Jackdaw Gas Field


Less and Better

Council Climate Action Scorecards

Somerset Rewilding Project

Supporting ShareAction

Net Zero Strategy Legal Challenge

Pentwyn - Funding Nature acquisition No. 2

Where are the women?

Millionaires petition Rishi Sunak to introduce wealth tax

Pandora Papers - Tax Justice UK

Greenpeace Core Funding

Scientists Warning Europe

We Did It! London Marathon For IFAW Complete

Running London Marathon For IFAW

Beavers Are Back In Dorset - Dorset Wildlife Trust

Combating The Climate And Nature Emergency - wildlifetrusts.org

Making Things Happen by Funding Core Costs

Climate 2025 help develop Funding Nature

Transport Action Network (TAN) - Try to bring sanity to DfT’s policies and plans

Greenpeace - Plastic Waste Export Campaign

Local Conference of Youth in the UK - DMK Potential

KEAN - Kenya Kitchen Garden Project

City to Sea – Refill Revolution

Landmark legal cases by Plan B aim to protect our young people's future

Somerset Wildlands - aim to develop a network of “stepping stone” sites

Grounded Community - Feed Our Community Project

Pets with benefits!

Making your funds go further

Lions of the Ocean

Transport Action Network - Legal challenge of the Government’s ‘largest ever’ road building programme

Coal Action - South Lakes Action on Climate Change

An emergency like no other – legal action

Friends of the Earth - Plastics Pollution Campaign

Greenpeace Net Expectations investor briefing

Two beavers released into an enclosed site in Dorset

Global Action Plan - young people step up

A financial system that serves our Planet and its people

The role of the Law in tackling environmental issues

Mock COP - we spoke, now you act

Dorset Wildlife Trust rewilding Project Manager

European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) Support

Protecting our Oceans

Rewilding and restoring Dorset nature

Mock COP 26

Nature-based solutions in Dorset

Climate Action

Supermarket Plastic Survey

Buglife - No Insectinction

Teach The Future - Calls to invest in low-carbon skills

ARC – Rescuing reptiles from wildfire in Wareham

City To Sea – Tackling plastic pollution

Transport Action Network – Legal challenge to stop RIS2

The Wildlife Trusts - Green recovery

YPTE - Environmental home learning packs

Share Action

Greenpeace - Green Stimulus

Dorset Wildlife Trust - Beaver re-introduction in Dorset

Transport Action Network - RIS2 challenge

Teach the Future Campaign