Transport Action Network (TAN) – Try to bring sanity to DfT’s policies and plans

Last Updated: Sep 7, 2021 @ 1:17 pm

Over the past 18 months Transport Action Network (TAN) has put road building under the spotlight with its legal challenge of RIS2, the Government’s ‘largest ever’ road building programme. Now many people, including Lord Deben (Chair of the Climate Change Committee), are questioning this expensive and outdated folly.

Unfortunately, Mr Justice Holgate ruled in July that the one-line ministerial briefing on RIS2, “albeit laconic, was a legally adequate precis”.   TAN have now applied to the Court of Appeal to have the judgement reviewed and await the outcome.

Meanwhile, whilst TAN’s other challenges have succeeded in getting the Government to agree to review its outdated roads policy, frustratingly the Government continues to refuse to suspend its policy to effectively rule out the consideration of carbon emissions when deciding on a new road.

With the world in flames or suffering devastating floods and national debt having rocketed due to Covid, a cull of RIS2, the £27bn roads programme is long overdue.

That’s why We Have The POWER are again pleased to support TAN to try and bring some sanity to the Department for Transport’s policies and plans to support their crowdfunder click here.

Find out more about TAN’s work here.

Transport Action Network - Legal challenge of the Government’s ‘largest ever’ road building programme

Transport Action Network – Legal challenge to stop RIS2

Transport Action Network - RIS2 challenge