Transport Action Network – Legal challenge of the Government’s ‘largest ever’ road building programme

Published 20.4.21

Over the past year Transport Action Network (TAN) has helped put road building under the spotlight with its legal challenge of the Government’s ‘largest ever’ road building programme. Now many people are questioning the Government’s priorities because of the damage road building plans will have on the natural environment, human health and climate change.

TAN asked very reasonably for the Government to reassess its roads programme and policy in light of the new net-zero target and other changes. But it refused, so TAN had no choice but to launch legal action. The Government has fought TAN every inch of the way, including trying to have TAN’s expert witness statements thrown out of court. Fortunately, it failed but it persists in being less than straight about carbon emissions new roads generate.

Despite these hurdles, TAN hopes to get its case to court in the coming months. As the Government looks to use infrastructure spending to create jobs and boost the economy, TAN’s interventions look more important than ever.

That’s why We have the POWER is pleased to support TAN to try and bring some sanity to the Department for Transport’s policies & plans.

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