The role of the Law in tackling environmental issues

Published 11.12.20

Being a lawyer, We Have the POWER founder Julia is particularly passionate about the role of the law in tackling environmental issues.   We see litigation to enforce urgent action to tackle the Climate & Ecological Emergency as absolutely crucial.

Lawyers should and need to be on the front line of our fight for a safe, healthy and biologically diverse future.  

So that’s why we’re supporting ClientEarth, a leading environmental law charity that believes a future in which people and planet thrive together isn’t just possible, it’s essential. 

ClientEarth works with partners and uses the power of the law to bring about systemic change to protect people and the planet.

Recently ClientEarth worked alongside Julia and a small team of lawyers to support the young people involved in Mock COP 26 draft their outcome Treaty

A key ClientEarth focus over coming years is driving the transition towards a decarbonised society. In a giant step towards this, ClientEarth recently won a legal challenge against Europe’s largest power plant – Belchatow. Over its lifetime, the plant has emitted approximately 1 billion tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, making it the largest single greenhouse gas emitter in Europe.

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