The Reuse Collective

Who are the Reuse Collective?

We are a collective of young and innovative businesses (bought together by Julia Davies of We Have The POWER) laser focused on making single-use waste and over production of new goods a bad memory from the past.  We work together to share experience, knowledge and support, to prove and enable hassle-free reuse solutions which are sustainable and make good business sense. 

We are putting our all into trying to make reuse work, but we are doing this in a system that is stacked against us.  A system that makes linear single use, over production of new and throw away more cost effective – because currently the costs associated with the negative impact of single use/new goods on our planet and society are not charged to the corporates producing and encouraging this.

Indeed our system currently subsidises single use – with the public (and our wildlife and environment) bearing the cost of collecting single use rubbish and disposing of it.

It’s not just about plastic

We can’t reduce dangerous climate change, environmental damage and biodiversity loss without drastically reducing consumption of new and moving from a linear extract, consume, dump society to a circular economy.

Members of the Reuse Collective help make this shift by:-

  • Offering reuse solutions for packaging and single use items e.g. Dizzie and Again
  • Providing reusable alternatives to single use items – Revolution-ZERO (PPE), &Sisters (period pants), Skybluepink (nappies)
  • Making buying second hand as easy and enjoyable as buying new – The Cirkel – clothes
  • Renting instead of selling – Library of Things

Plastic not fantastic

David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series was great at getting people to wake up to the harm caused by plastics in our oceans.  But despite all the hand wringing – people continue to use and dispose of more and more single use plastic and that has to stop. 

Our Actions

We are working on a joint statement identifying the current blockers to the reuse revolution and our suggestions for unblocking them!

Meet the team


Dizzie is on a mission to free the world from pointless plastic, making reusable packaging the new norm. With refillable products in reusable pots delivered straight to your doorstep, you can fill up on 500+ grocery essentials again, and again, and again. Dizzie collects the empties as soon as you’re ready. No waste. No faff.

Revolution-ZERO is on a mission to displace single use medical textiles with more effective, economic and sustainable circular alternatives.


Reath provides a specalist software platform for companies transitioning to reusable packaging. The software helps you deploy, operate and optimise a reusable packaging system, ensuring you capture all the data you need about the reusable packaging itself, and its many lives as it is reused. 

Again is a London-based company that is building a distributed network of advanced reusable packaging cleaning facilities (it calls ‘CleanCells”) which allows brands to reuse packaging for the same price as single use. Again designs, installs and operates CleanCells on behalf of brands.
The Cirkel

Making secondhand fashion everyone’s first choice.

Library of Things

Library of Things is a social enterprise that helps people save money and reduce waste by affordably renting out useful items like drills, sound systems and sewing machines from local spaces – and by helping neighbours share practical skills.
Skybluepink Eco Baby

Skybluepink Eco Baby specialises in reusable innovations for modern parenthood; aiming to improve both sustainability and design, to make a reusable parenting journey accessible to even the busiest caregiver
Draught Drop

Draught Drop’s mission is to bring the best quality beer to consumers in a way that is good for the planet, and the palate. We launched London’s first draught beer subscription service using our unique reusable bottle system. We’ve partnered with over 30 local breweries, and we are now available in a growing number of retailers and hospitality venues across the capital.

Ecoeat’s mission is to grow the uptake of sustainable food systems that support independent restaurants.

Ecoeats is a sustainable takeaway ecosystem.
They deliver for indie restaurants with zero emissions.
They enable indie restaurants to reward food lovers for their loyalty
They help organisations to increase reuse and reduce waste.


Spruce is an award-winning B Corp homecare brand that make non-toxic refillable cleaning products. Get your aluminium eternity bottle once and top up with plastic-free cleaning refills made with safe, ethically sourced, natural ingredients and fragranced with organic essential oils. Perfect for lowering your household plastic waste, indoor air pollution and carbon footprint.
nibs etc.

nibs etc. is about making delicious, and nourishing sustainable snacks out of ingredients that would normally be thrown away, to fight food waste, and enable customers to reduce their carbon footprint in so doing.

Shifting focus from recycling to reuse

The 9R’s identify the various shades towards a circular economy.

We believe that there has been too much focus on recycling – and that has lulled people into thinking that single-use is ok. 

Multiple studies including Greenpeace’s recent Big Plastic Count have shown how little single use waste actually gets recycled.

The Big Plastic Count Results: How citizen science exposed a system incapable of tackling the plastic crisis

We are showing how reuse can happen so that all that focus on recycling can pivot to focus on reuse.

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