The Ecological Land Cooperative Donation

To tackle the weaknesses in our food system whilst simultaneously helping nature to recover, we need to explore and support a range of methods and projects including community food growing and small holdings. In a cost of living crisis, enabling communities to produce healthy, sustainable, affordable food is vital. To support this it’s not enough to simply look at acquiring agricultural land, we also need to consider how we can provide affordable accommodation for those who grow our food.

For too long many people in rural communities have been unable to afford a home where they grew up due to second homes pushing up prices.

The Ecological Land Cooperative have for some years been pioneering a model to tackle just these issues, buying farmland, restoring wildlife habitats and then leasing small holdings with accommodation for sustainable farming. ELC’s farmers improve and safeguard soil health and ecosystems, sell healthy local food and revitalise rural communities.

This model is good for people and wildlife and needs expanding, which is why We Have The POWER are supporting ELC with a donation towards their vital work.

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