Teach The Future – Calls to invest in low-carbon skills

Published 7.7.20

The wonderful students behind Teach the Future have done their homework yet again and written another impressive letter to the Government, this time making the case for an investment in low-carbon skills. The students report that most of the vocational skills being taught in further education have little or no reference to the climate emergency and ecological crisis, citing plumbing students still being trained to install gas powered heating systems rather than heat pumps. Their research highlights the growing skills gap in the low carbon sectors and calls on Government to fill the gap through a reskilling revolution. We Have the POWER helped get Teach the Future going earlier this year by funding their parliamentary reception. Since then the students have engaged over 400 MPs and won the support of over 100 supporting organisations. They are currently fundraising so they can keep their five student staff in work next year, and bring home the educational policy changes we so urgently need. Join us in supporting them is you can.

Click on the PDF file below to read their letter to Gillian Keegan and Rishi Sunak

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