Supporting #Youth4ClimateJustice

We Have the POWER are so pleased to see the growing presence of lawyers on the frontline of the fight for climate action. We need every profession to use their skills, reputation and network to maximum effect in this monumental battle for survival of the beautiful diversity of life on earth.

So we’re pleased to again support Global Legal Action Network’s ground-breaking case challenging 33 European nations for not following scientific advice aimed at reducing the impacts of climate change.

The case is being taken on behalf of 6 Portuguese young people who are already experiencing unprecedented heat extremes and its due to be heard before the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights early next year. If successful States will be legally bound to take steps that will result in deep cuts to green house gas emissions.

This is the biggest and most important climate case on the planet and GLAN is busy preparing for this David v Goliath hearing which will require significant resources.

The growing calls for action on climate amongst lawyers including, Lawyers for Net Zero , is so motivating and we hope this community in particular will get behind GLAN’s efforts. Join us in helping make climate history reach a turning point by pledging your support here.