Supporting Transport Action Network

Over the past 3 years Transport Action Network (TAN) has put road building under the spotlight and forced the Government to review its outdated roads policy. However, the Government remains wedded to building new roads and in denial about their impact on climate change. With 1.5 degrees barely alive after COP27 in Egypt, and with threats to environmental legislation in the UK, we need to keep up the pressure on the Government to stop making things worse.

In 2023, there will be consultations on the next roads programme (RIS3) and on a new roads policy. We need to see a focus on maintenance and renewal, rather than damaging new roads. On policy, we need the ridiculous climate test (that basically allows the Government to ignore carbon emissions from new roads) deleted and  proper account taken of environmental impacts, including on biodiversity.

That’s why We Have the POWER are again supporting TAN to try and bring some sanity to the Department for Transport’s policies and plans.

Find out more about TAN’s crucial work: Transport Action Network