Farming with Flower Power – Supporting the RSPB

Our love for the RSPB went up five-fold last week, when they showed their anger at this Government’s attack on nature.

In recent years organisations like the RSPB have been working flat out with the Government and farmers on how subsidies can better support landowners managing their land for people and nature. We can therefore only imagine the despair of RSPB staff at the rumours of a big back-track on this, plus plans to weaken environmental protection in Liz Truss’ Full Fat Freeports.

So We Have the POWER are even more pleased to be supporting the RSPB, a decision made after a recent afternoon visit to the RSPB’s Hope Farm to learn about agroforestry. Hope Farm is pioneering commercial farming techniques and is demonstrating how nature and farming can work hand-in-hand. We are so thrilled to be supporting this great cause.

Meet the RSPB’s Georgina yourself to find out about agroforestry, one of the innovative ways the team at Hope Farm are working with nature to produce our food as well as make a steady profit.