Supporting green innovation and practical action

Last updated 6.7.21

To tackle the Climate & Ecological Emergency we need every green tool in our tool box – plus a whole load of new ones.  We need to fundamentally change the way we do business, moving from a consume and dispose society to a circular economy where impact on the environment and society is weighed equally against profit making.   Supporting innovative start-up businesses is a fundamental part of the urgent action we need to tackle the Climate & Ecological Emergency.

Here’s a few of the innovators that We have the POWER founder Julia Davies is proud to have invested in:

Reuse & refill

Turning down the tap on new

Divestment – funding a green transition

Eating sustainably

Restoring Nature

Green energy


Powervault manufacture intelligent, economic and sustainable energy storage systems for homes and businesses.


Piclo create technology to make our electricity grids smart, efficient, reliable, flexible and more sustainable.

Naked Energy

Naked Energy has developed the world’s highest energy density solar technology giving Solar heat and power.

Power Roll

Power Roll has reinvented solar to generate energy anywhere and everywhere, using any surface.


Rovco supplying services and technology to the Offshore Energy Industry across the globe accelerating a clean energy transition.


Zeigo is revolutionising the way corporates buy energy accelerating the transition to renewables.

Dove Renewables

Dove Renewables owns and operates 2 hydro schemes which generate an average of 820 MWh of clean electricity each year – enough to power the equivalent of approximately 200 homes.

Schools Energy Co-op

Schools Energy Co-op installs community funded solar panel systems on schools across the country.

Dorset Community Energy

Dorset Community Energy has solar installations on schools and community buildings across Dorset.

Bristol Energy Cooperative

Bristol Energy Cooperative has been developing community-owned, green energy generation since 2011. In that time, they’ve installed solar and battery assets, and facilitated community benefit payments.

Solar for Schools

The Solar for Schools Community Benefit Society Ltd (CBS) was set-up in 2016 to enable schools to benefit from solar panels without having to invest themselves, yet share in the expected long-term profits, or surplus income generated by each solar project despite very low government subsidies.


Phycobloom produce Algae based biofuels that are made out of the pollution from the sky, instead of the oil in the ground.


Ionate is a technology company developing next generation Smart Hybrid Transformers revolutionising power flow control to enable the truly future-proof electricity grid.

Reducing greenhouse gases

Making stuff more sustainably

Reducing pollution