Legal Action

In Climate & Ecological Emergency terms we are now entering the era of Talk. Most World leaders (with a few notable and looney exceptions) and indeed most heads of international super-corporations – say they accept the science and acknowledge the Climate & Ecological Emergency.   But they are still totally failing to take the scale of urgent action needed.

There is no denying that these World and corporate leaders have the knowledge of the consequences of their inaction, in terms of loss of life and livelihoods particularly in poorer nations and younger generations.   So its time for the law and lots more lawyers to step up to the frontline and join those trail blazing lawyers already using their profession and passion to fight for the changes we need.

Yet in the UK – neither the professional body representing solicitors nor barristers seem to have even heard of the Climate & Ecological Crisis – judging by their websites.   Justice, and so the law, is at the heart of the Climate & Ecological Emergency – so how is this passing them by and how do we wake them up?   If you are a solicitor or a barrister – and you have children or grandchildren that you care about, or you love our wildlife or countryside or historical places – how can you use your professional skills to protect them from the fast approaching impacts of the Climate & Ecological Emergency.   How about calling on the Law Society and Bar Council to declare a Climate & Ecological Emergency as a start?

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