Continuing my mission to make the World less rubbish I’ve just invested in Spruce – an award-winning B Corp homecare brand with the same agenda. The UK alone throws away roughly half a million cleaning spray bottles per year. Not only are they made from single-use plastics, but they also contain highly toxic chemicals. These products that promise to keep us safe are in fact doing serious damage to our health and planet.

Spruce make beautiful refillable, aluminium spray bottles that you will want to show off in your bathroom and kitchen. Their non-toxic cleaning products come in compostable sachets which you dissolve in water, avoiding the considerable carbon footprint of transporting liquid cleaning fluids. Spruce launched with an exciting range which has already won multiple awards and 5-star reviews, but I am most excited about what they have in the pipeline. 

Its always a pleasure to find and support a female founder doing business not as usual. Spruce founder Mahira Kalim is passionate about making gorgeous eco-friendly products with fresh fragrances, that are effective and hassle-free.   

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