Somerset Rewilding Project

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2023 @ 4:19 pm

The Somerset Levels in the South West was once the UK’s Danube Delta, a vast wild wetland, teaming with life – from pelicans to beavers, sturgeon to wildcats.  Somerset Wildlands’ aim is to return some of that life through a process of decentralised rewilding.   By acquiring pieces of land large and small it will create lightly managed wild stepping-stones as refuges and corridors for nature.   

So by the 3rd acquisition in my Funding Nature project I’ve provided Somerset Wildlands with a philanthropic loan to acquire a 12-acre field formerly grazed by sheep, and very close to an existing Somerset Wildlands wildlife stepping stone.  Despite being small, the neighbouring site is already used by a host of wildlife including otters, great egrets, marsh harriers and grass snakes, and that wildlife now has another twelve-acre refuge to spread out to.

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