Share Action

Published 2.6.20

As part of our ongoing mission to promote action to tackle the Climate & Ecological Emergency by every means we can think of, We Have The POWER is pleased to be supporting the fantastic work of Share Action. We can’t tackle the Emergency without fundamentally changing the basis on which big corporates make strategic decisions. Until these corporations start genuinely considering the interests of all of their stakeholders, and not just shareholders and execs, no matter how much conservation groups do to preserve wildlife and tackle the global threat of catastrophic climate change, we are all just running up the downward escalator. A handful of corporations are now more powerful than many national governments.

Therefore shareholder activism has got to be a crucial part of the overall strategy and Share Action are leading the way in building a movement for responsible investment and unlocking the power of investors to catalyse positive social and environmental change.

Share Action recently co-filed a resolution at Barclays’ AGM prompting the bank to pledge to align its financing with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Barclays has been the largest funder of fossil fuel companies in Europe and the 7th largest in the world and so this was a momentous step.

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