Rewilding and restoring Dorset nature

Published 2.10.20

We need more space for nature, we need more space for our health and wellbeing and we need to engage in natural solutions to combat climate change. Rewilding degraded land provides all of this. We Have The Power is excited to support Dorset Wildlife Trust in their work to instigate, promote and collaborate rewilding projects in Dorset; for nature, for the climate and for us.

Rewilding degraded land helps remove damaging and polluting management practices, which in turn provides cleaner water, cleaner rivers and seas, space for nature to flourish and return and space for communities to once again re-engage with the natural world. More bio-diversity means more carbon is locked away, combating climate change and the potential for alternative uses of land provides opportunities for local jobs.

Its particularly satisfying supporting local projects where you can witness first hand as nature returns and starts to flourish.

Nature-based solutions in Dorset

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