Re-introductions summit at Coombeshead!

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2023 @ 4:46 pm

Inspirational, interesting and most of all joyful 2 days spent at Rewilding Coombeshead last week with a great group of people discussing how we restore nature in the UK. Derek Gow was as entertaining and challenging as anticipated, explaining the many regulatory barriers to captive breeding and reintroducing those of our wildlife on the brink of extinction.
Restoring habitats for wildlife to thrive in has to be our top priority, in particular by changing the way we produce our food. But for real success we then need to restore some of the jewels of British wildlife from habitats in which they have been long gone. From glow worms to water voles to white stork to wild cats (and of course beavers), Derek Gow is showing how it’s done, and we listened and let’s hope that we now act. Thanks to everyone who made time to think big about restoring nature to our green and pleasant land.

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