Pets with benefits!

Published 30.4.21

Just booked to rehome some very lucky ex-caged hens from British Hen Welfare Trust.  The new hens will join my existing very pampered chickens and we’ll soon be enjoying even more extremely tasty and guilt free eggs.  If your kids are nagging you for a rabbit or guinea pig – consider rehoming some chickens instead – just as much fun – and you’ll get something back for all that cleaning out and feeding!  It really is incredibly satisfying seeing hens who have spent their life in cages or packed barns regain their feathers and exhibit natural behaviours like scratching and dust baths.

Since 2005 the British Hen Welfare Trust have rehomed over 810,000 hens, giving hens a happy retirement after a life in commercial egg production.  Like the BHWT, we believe all laying hens deserve to enjoy a natural lifestyle which includes space to roam, fresh air, ability to scratch for insects and the opportunity to lay an egg in a nest.

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