Pandora Papers – Tax Justice UK

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2023 @ 5:10 pm

We are in a crisis, but instead of making sure that the wealthy pay their fair share, the Pandora Papers have revealed that the rich and powerful are STILL able to slash their tax bills. Meanwhile nurses, teachers and care workers, the heroes who dug us out of the covid nightmare, are being refused real pay rises.

The Pandora Papers have shown how many wealthy people are being helped by teams of highly paid lawyers, accountants and tax advisers. It’s still “one rule for them” and another rule for the rest.

This puts up your tax bills and reduces the public services to you and your family. Don’t put up with it.

Sometimes this government only moves when the headlines turn against it. So, once again, Tax Justice UK is taking its battle to the media. In the days leading up to the October budget, Tax Justice UK is going to put tax dodging in the headlines.

The team at Tax Justice UK will be talking to editors, getting in front of journalists and planting stories. This will ramp up the pressure on Rishi Sunak to end the loopholes, properly enforce the rules, and go after the professionals who aid tax dodging.

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