nibs etc.

Another day, another fantastic female founder to back.

Chloë Stewart of nibs etc. is on a mission to design the concept of waste out of our habits, our systems and our dictionary, in the most delicious way. So of course I’m backing her!

nibs etc. are a revolutionary upcycled snack company fighting food waste by making delicious and nourishing, sweet and savoury snacks from high fibre by-product ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away.

Food chains are disrupted, food shortages are imminent, 810 million people go hungry while a third of all food produced is wasted. So it could not be more important to transform supply chain cost lines and inefficiencies into revenue streams and affordable nutrition. Food waste accounts for 8% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. During food processing, 25-50% of food is lost in side streams – often the very part that is most nutrient dense.

nibs etc. are the first company in the UK – and among the first globally – upcycling side streams into snacks.

Find out more info here.