Net Zero Strategy Legal Challenge

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2023 @ 4:36 pm

It’s not often that lawyers get to be superheroes – but now their time has come! An emergency requires action from our emergency services – and for once lawyers get to be the cool guys helping to put out the fire.

We’ve tried campaigning, writing to our MPs, signing petitions, attending marches – but still our Government is adopting policies and dolling out subsidies that are scientifically predicted to lead to dangerous change, food shortages, sea level rises, whole areas of the world becoming uninhabitable. So it’s time to send in the lawyers and Friends of the Earth are doing just that.

We Have the POWER is supporting Friends of the Earth’s ground-breaking legal challenge to the government’s woefully inadequate climate strategies which will clearly fail to meet its own Net Zero target.

The High Court Judicial Review will challenge both the government’s Net Zero Strategy (NZS) and its Heat and Buildings Strategy on the basis that:

– the NZS does not comply with the Climate Change Act 2008

– the Heat and Buildings Strategy fails to consider impacts on protected groups and to ensure a fair energy transition.

To give your support visit Friends Of The Earth’s website here