Nature-based solutions in Dorset

Published 28.8.20

The world is facing two major crises that are having a major impact on the quality of the natural environment upon which we all depend. Addressing the Climate and Ecological emergencies must be a priority for everyone and we must all work together to find solutions to these issues.  Over the past months there has been a huge increase in awareness of climate and ecological issues and as a result there is a demand for action and change.

We have the Power and Dorset Wildlife Trust are working together to develop nature-based solutions to climate change and environmental degradation.  Nature-based solutions are actions to protect, sustainably manage, and restore nature, simultaneously providing benefits for human well-being, the natural environment and biodiversity.

We Have The Power is supporting Dorset Wildlife Trust in launching a Dorset nature-based solutions programme to facilitate local projects and initiatives that will contribute to addressing global problems. By working with local communities and partners we will enable people who are now thinking globally to act locally.

ARC – Rescuing reptiles from wildfire in Wareham

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Dorset Wildlife Trust - Beaver re-introduction in Dorset