On the back of Parliament’s decision last week, to ban babies from the House of Commons, I am supporting the MotheRED campaign MotheRED (@mothe_red). This a time-limited project focussed on financially supporting mums, to be selected and then elected as Labour Party candidates in the next General Election. By donating to this crowdfunder, I am helping to ensure that childcare costs are not a barrier to participation in politics.

MotheRED will be making direct grants to candidates and are seeking to increase the funds they have available to support a greater number of candidates. By helping mum stand for selection they want to ensure that every part of the Labour Party is always on the side of mums – whether in parliament, in employment or in the community!

As I have said before – Let’s hold each other up, not hold each other back.

Find out more about their mission and fundraiser at: Fundraiser by Mothered Campaign : MotheRED Fundraiser (