Mock COP – we spoke, now you act

Published 1.12.20

Its 1 December 2020 and COP26 should have recently closed in Glasgow and the media should be full of messages from world leaders outlining what they plan to do to tackle the Climate & Ecological Emergency.   But apparently they didn’t have time to tackle that Emergency this year because of the pandemic.   But the pandemic doesn’t make the Climate & Ecological Emergency any less urgent and luckily our young people know that.

After 2 weeks of negotiations, 330 Mock COP26 delegates from 140 countries have agreed a Treaty setting out 18 bold policies for world leaders to urgently adopt.

The Mock COP26 Treaty is ambitious but realistic. We are blown away by the professionalism, determination and work ethic of these young climate leaders.

Delegates delivered their Treaty to world leaders with this letter and video ‘We spoke, now you act’, demanding action in the run up to COP26 and a seat at the table.

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