Mock COP 26

Published 3.9.20

Once again, our young people are showing us how it’s done. COP26 may have been postponed by our political leaders until 2021 but the younger generation know better than anyone that the Climate & Ecological Emergency can’t be postponed. So they are carrying on with their own COP26 this November regardless of dithering by our World leaders. Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK) is working with other student-led groups around the world to arrange their own inclusive Worldwide, online Mock COP 26 this November. We Have the POWER is delighted to be the first funder of the only COP26 which is currently planned to take place on the original November 2020 dates. We can’t wait to see what happens when a COP is run by young people. We’ve started the funding pot going for this absolutely fantastic initiative but to make this as big as it deserves to be much more is needed. Please join us in supporting these amazing young people in their quest to get on and save their own future -because sadly they still can’t rely on our politicians to do so. Contact Jamie Agombar to discuss supporting.

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