Lions of the Ocean

Published 30.4.21

A key theme for We have the POWER is eating sustainably & kindly.  Part of that requires us to not only eat less meat & dairy – but also less fish.   Our oceans just cannot cope with the ravages of industrialised fishing, bottom trawling, ghost nets and fish farming and Netflix hit SeaSpiracy has just done a fantastic job at igniting debate on this issue.   Who would eat bacon if lions were killed in its production?  Dolphins are the lions of the ocean – so why are we turning a blind eye to their slaughter when we eat that tuna salad?   

That’s why We have the POWER is supporting marine conservation charity Sea Shepherd UK in stepping up its campaigns, documenting bycatch, removing marine debris from beaches and rivers and recovering hazardous lost fishing gear and ghost nets.

Protecting our Oceans

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