Less and Better

Encouraging people to eat much, much less and much, much better meat and dairy is absolutely fundamental to tackling the climate and biodiversity crisis. Industrial animal agriculture is not farming, is not sustainable either environmentally or economically, and is not morally acceptable. It blights our countryside and waterways and causes extreme animal cruelty and mental health issues in those unfortunate to work in it. Regenerative is what subsidies should support, and if everyone eats much, much less meat and dairy, a better food system is possible.

That’s why We Have The POWER is supporting Eating Better. The Eating Better alliance brings together influential national and international NGOs including Compassion in World Farming, the Food Foundation, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Sustain, the Soil Association, The Wildlife Trusts and WWF.

Eating much ‘less and better’ meat and dairy is key to protecting and restoring the natural environment, offering vital habitats for the many plants and animal species which enrich the British countryside. 

We have a perfect storm of rising living costs, higher inputs for farmers due to the devastating war in Ukraine and a climate, nature and health crisis. It’s crucial we create a better food system from farm to fork, to offer everyone access to affordable, healthy and sustainable food. Eating Better works to demonstrate to key industry sectors and government that there is a different way to do things, as outlined in their Better by Half roadmap, backed up by their data-driven reports, insights and communications.

Eating Better shares our vision of supporting local communities to build better food systems with shorter supply chains, offering good incomes for regenerative farmers who farm in a way that protects and restores nature.

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