KEAN – Kenya Kitchen Garden Project

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2023 @ 12:49 pm

Working with Mock COP last year, certain young people really stood out for their dedication and hard work and one of those was Kevin Mtai.  So when Kevin asked me to support a school kitchen garden project he is working on with KEAN in his home nation Kenya I didn’t hesitate.  KEAN are the Kenya Environmental Action Network, a growing network of Kenyans concerned about the effect the climate and ecological emergency is having on their communities.

In rural Kenya crops are drying out due to prolonged dry seasons and children go to school hungry and rely on the one meal a day funded by the government and provided in school. The KEAN project will help schools to set up food gardens in a water saving way growing local vegetables, fruits and indigenous trees.  The gardens will provide the children with access to healthy meals while teaching them to grow food themselves, an essential life skill in a world where food insecurity is only going to increase. 

You can find out more about KEAN’s work to inspire the next generation of environmental sustainability leaders, work on nature regeneration projects, amplify the voice of Kenya’s youth and engage the government in formulating and influencing policies for climate mitigation at

KEAN’s Kitchen Bustani (Garden) Project focuses on rural schools including those for children with disabilities and special needs.

The funds raised will be used to:

  • Purchase seedlings for planting vegetables such as spinach, kale and local traditional greens.
  • Purchase of tanks for water storage in areas which are extremely dry.
  • Purchase of organic fertilisers and plant friendly pesticides.
  • Purchase of seeds for starting the indigenous tree and fruit nursery.
  • Printing materials for the kitchen garden curriculum.
  • Facilitate transport of the team to host schools/institutions

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