Greenpeace Takes Government to Court Over Jackdaw Gas Field

Greenpeace is taking the Government to court for approving the new North Sea gas field Jackdaw without properly assessing its climate impacts. Our own Ministers have admitted new oil and gas won’t lower the UK’s energy bills, but the UK is still allowing Shell to push ahead with this project, which would create carbon emissions equivalent to the whole of Ghana for a year. Greenpeace UK is also separately appealing the Government’s decision to permit BP access to oil off the Aberdeen coast at the Supreme Court, as again it didn’t consider the climate impacts or allow proper public consultation.

We Have The POWER has just donated to Greenpeace general funds as a thank you for their inspirational work on behalf of us all in challenging these reckless, short sighted decisions. If you’d like to back their legal case, and their campaigning for solutions that actually cut bills and emissions like home insulation, heat pumps and renewables, you can do so at