Greenpeace Net Expectations investor briefing

Published 12.2.21

Danish activist Ida Marie in the water with hand banner reading “Fossils our our future”.

In the run up to COP26 this November, companies and Governments are publishing their climate plans with many, including the UK Government, focusing on carbon dioxide removal (CDR) through nature-based solutions like tree planting i.e. offsetting.  But in no modelled pathway can the Paris goals be achieved by nature-based solutions in place of rapid emissions reductions.

Greenpeace UK’s Net Expectations investor briefing helps investors interpret and assess the feasibility of CDR when analysing corporate climate plans. It clearly explains why CDR is no alternative to emissions reduction together with human rights, food production, biodiversity and other unintended consequences of allowing corporations to shirk their GHG reduction responsibilities by claiming CDR.

So while we urgently need to fund nature restoration projects at both a local and global scale, such funding can’t be used as an excuse for Governments, local authorities and corporations to not do all they can to actually reduce carbon emissions and transition away from fossil fuels.

We Have the POWER is proud to support Greenpeace in this crucial year to continue its in depth research, reporting and campaigns.

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