Greenpeace Core Funding

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2023 @ 4:51 pm

Greenpeace takes on the biggest environmental issues of our time, by challenging root causes and promoting the solutions needed to transform government, industry and society towards a greener and more equitable future. Just this morning, Greenpeace activists shut down Downing Street with an oil-soaked statue of Boris Johnson. Whilst claiming to be a climate leader, Johnson is acting as anything but, backing 16 new North Sea oil and gas projects – including Cambo. 

It is because of thoughtful and impactful actions like this, plus its team of skilled campaigners, scientists, investigators and activists, that We Have The POWER is again funding Greenpeace core costs.  Having the freedom and flexibility provided by unrestricted, core funding allows Greenpeace to adapt its campaigns to changing circumstances. From mobilising 40 UK companies within 48 hours to quash a Bill that would legalise land grabs in the Amazon and rapidly sending a ship to block the path of an oil rig, to re-prioritising an entire programme of work after Covid-19 – these are all prime examples of when core funding has allowed Greenpeace to quickly channel resource in a different direction.

Greenpeace doesn’t take money from any government or corporation and so relies entirely on individuals, trusts and foundations. This enables them to freely tackle power and root causes. We Have The POWER supports unrestricted, core funding of Greenpeace to enable it to tackle these big, global issues in a responsive and effective way.

More on Greenpeace’s webpage here.