Global Action Plan – young people step up

Published 17.12.20

When government leaders postponed COP 26 by 12 months, young people stepped into the breach to keep the climate emergency firmly on the agenda.

Last month, the UK Youth Climate Summit saw thousands of young people get behind five powerful COP 26 campaign calls for radical action.  As COP 26 draws near, summit coordinator Global Action Plan will help young people access the platforms where they can give powerful voice to those calls, directly to government and business.

As well as showing that change is wanted now, Global Action Plan is providing young writers and filmmakers with the tools to “change the narrative”, and challenge consumerism as a root cause of climate change and a source of anxiety and damage to the wellbeing of young people. In 2020 five stories encapsulating imaginative visions of radically different futures are being pitched to commissioners of mainstream TV drama and comedy.  And the charity is bringing together a group of Parents against pressure and coalition campaign to challenge the illegal targeting of children through online behavioural advertising.

At We have the POWER, we are supporting the charity to harness the talents of young changemakers. As two teams, we are sharing insight that will help shape WHTP’s 2021 campaign to make second hand fashion more aspirational and accessible.

A tiny proportion of environmental funding is spent on challenging consumerism. Further funding is needed to change the narrative, show that a different future is possible now, and make it harder for government and business to stand still.

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