Gardening for Nature Recovery

There are now fewer bumblebees, pollinators, wildflowers, birds, bats and hedgehogs – basically all of those creatures and plants that we love and some that we sometimes don’t, but all of which we need for a sustainable healthy planet.

Thinking positively, we all have the power to help turn the situation around. Nearly 90% of UK households have access to a garden or outdoor-space and as a result, gardening for bumblebees and other wildlife is key to nature recovery. Everyone can help by taking simple actions in their outdoor space – whether it is a window box, balcony, garden or allotment or community greenspace.

We Have The POWER is working with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, to promote a Nature Recovery Gardening pledge. Sign up now and join the growing movement of people using their green spaces to help bring back the nature we’ve lost from our towns and countryside.

You can find more information and resources here.