Friends of the Earth – Plastics Pollution Campaign

Published 17.2.21

It’s heart-breaking that through no choice of our own, plastic pollution continues to harm  natural places we love and need, and to choke our wildlife. From the highest mountains and deepest oceans, the food we eat to the air we breathe, nowhere is immune to plastic pollution. Global plastic production is doubling every 11 years and the amount of plastic waste flowing into the ocean is likely to triple by 2040. Friends of the Earth (FoE) is demanding that government acts urgently to end this crisis.

The time for action is now as the Environment Bill, currently being written, provides a historic opportunity to demand government go much further and truly tackle the plastics crisis. FoE is working tirelessly with MPs, groups and businesses to do just this. They are calling for government to introduce legally binding plastics reduction targets to the Environment Bill, reducing plastic pollution and the production of single-use plastics.

Friends of the Earth urgently need support for its vital work in tackling these crucial issues and We Have The POWER is proud to be supporting them again this year.

For more information, visit the dedicated Friends of the Earth webpage here – Plastic problem: why we need government action.

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