Ecoeats Investment Update

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2022 @ 1:04 pm

Since first investing in Scottish start-up Ecoeats I’ve been so impressed with the drive and professionalism of the team.  That’s why I’ve just invested again to continue to support their mission to bring social, circular economy takeaway to the UK. Ecoeats aim to be “the kinder way to takeaway”, showing regular consumers that there is a way to get the food they love delivered while cutting out petrol emissions, supporting local businesses and (soon!) eliminating plastic waste from takeaway with reusables.

Since I first met the team, they’ve brought their concept out of St Andrews and into Dundee. This is only the start of the Ecoeats journey to making food delivery sustainable nationwide. The team are exploring a second round, so if you’re interested in getting behind a new movement in sustainable food delivery, get in touch with Stewart McGown (Founder and CEO) via

Find out more on the Ecoeats website