Council Climate Action Scorecards

After the successful launch of the Council Climate Plan Scorecards earlier this year, Climate Emergency UK are now working on their next Scorecards, the Council Climate Action Scorecards to measure tangible carbon reduction actions of UK local councils.

Since 2019 most UK councils have declared a climate emergency, and many have a written Climate Action Plan, but what action are councils taking, and is it enough?

The Council Climate Action Scorecards will be the first ever assessment of the actual climate action being taken by local authorities in the UK. This project aims to support campaigners and residents to understand what their council is or is not doing on climate action, compare their councils’ actions to other councils, and use these Scorecards to hold their Council to account. The Scorecards will also help councils themselves, as they will be able to learn from each other and see ways in which they can improve.

We Have The Power are supporting this work because local councils can have a real impact on tackling the climate crisis, up to 30% of carbon emissions are within the influence of local councils so it’s vital councils play a leading role where they can.

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