Community Leaflet – Westbourne businesses delivering during lockdown

Since lockdown started, many of us have turned to the internet to look for alternative ways of shopping and having essentials delivered. There are some fantastic independent shops and restaurants locally that are delivering regularly in the area and are advertising their services through their websites and social media channels.

But we started to think about how many of the people in our community didn’t have online access, primarily the elderly and vulnerable – precisely those people who are isolating or who are at most risk while they continue to have to go shopping. So we have created a simple double sided leaflet that includes some important helpline numbers (like the dedicated BCP Council helpline) and details of an array of local suppliers delivering food and household goods.  We called everyone before adding them to the list to make sure that they take telephone orders.

Please feel free to DOWNLOAD THE LEAFLET HERE to share or print or to use as a template if you would like to create one for your local area. We posted the idea on our Community Facebook page and have received lots of feedback to say that the leaflet fills a real community need.

If you live in Westbourne and would like some leaflets to deliver please get in touch.