Climate Action

Published 28.8.20

Young people and adults are striking to demand urgent action to prevent the climate crisis urging the government to declare a climate emergency.

2019 was a year where millions of people round the world joined together demanding an end to business as usual.

Here in the UK, we supported Greenpeace’s ambitious climate action plan. Together we worked closely with the UK Student Climate Network, helping to coordinate hundreds of strikes across the country and encouraging Greenpeace supporters to take part. The strikes offered a clear reason for optimism and it’s amazing to see how they have adapted and continued online during the global lockdown.

As well as building the wider movement, Greenpeace continued the direct political advocacy and published a comprehensive Climate Manifesto, outlining 134 actions the UK government must take to lead the battle against climate breakdown. This was handed over to Boris Johnson on his first day as PM, live on air – viewed by up to 24 million people.

The economic fallout of Covid-19 presents an opportunity to build back better. It is essential to continue supporting charities to continue this vital work as the world now faces three emergencies: health, climate and nature which are intimately connected and must be tackled together. #climateemergency #greenrecovery

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