Beavers Are Back In Dorset – Dorset Wildlife Trust

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2023 @ 5:01 pm

We Have the POWER helped fund Dorset Wildlife Trust’s beaver project and today I reaped the rewards.  Wonderful afternoon tramping through mud seeing the incredible transformation wrought by these ecosystem engineers in a matter of months.  4 intricately built dams hold and filter water creating an incredible habitat for amphibians, reptiles, otters and a whole host of other species.  Flooding down stream mitigated, water purified.  We really should be paying these guys  – not just granting them the honour of being able to live in their own country from which we exterminated them.
Thankyou Dorset and all the other Wildlife Trusts for your tireless efforts to restore nature to our green and pleasant land.

See More on The Wildlife Trusts webpage here.

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Dorset Wildlife Trust - Beaver re-introduction in Dorset