ARC – Rescuing reptiles from wildfire in Wareham

Published 7.7.20

Wareham Forest is one of my favourite walks and having lived near a heath I know how devastating wildfires are for our endangered reptiles and amphibians.  Following the recent wildfire at Wareham Forest the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust (ARC) promptly mobilised their fantastic staff and volunteers to rescue reptiles across the burn area. Overall hundreds of reptiles, with specimens of all 6 native British species, were caught and relocated. This was the largest fire on a Dorset heath for decades but the sad reality is that fires like this are happening more frequently and causing more damage due to climate change.  With its knowledge of reptile and amphibian ecology ARC plays a key role in wildfire rescue operations as well as working day in and day out to conserve amphibians and reptiles, and the habitats on which they depend, to protect them for future generations. We Have The Power is supporting ARC with core funding towards their overarching activities. This is often the most difficult type of income for charities to raise, and in the case of ARC we are pleased to know it means we are supporting their conservation work not only in Dorset, but also across the UK. To find out more:

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