Our mission

We Have The POWER is the banner under which Julia Davies catalyses nature restoration and action to tackle the climate and biodiversity crisis, through regenerative finance, true impact investing, donating to charities and campaigning.

Food security, public health, education, the rights of vulnerable groups and even the arts and our heritage are all threatened by the climate crisis. There are no theatres or art galleries in submerged cities! By supporting organisations working to protect the environment, we are addressing all these issues. Environmental degradation and the increased frequency of catastrophic weather events are rendering huge areas of the planet uninhabitable, displacing millions of people. Efforts to improve living standards and eliminate poverty will fail without complementary action on climate change.

Now is the time for innovation and ambition in tackling the issues faced by our planet.  We know what to do – we just need to get on with it!


Julia Davies is an angel investor, lawyer, philanthropist and environmental campaigner dedicating her time, skills and resources to tackling the climate and environmental crises and inter-connected social issues. Julia works under the mantra We Have The POWER (Protect Our World – Educate Restore). Julia’s mission is to catalyse practical action by investing in start-up companies offering sustainable products and services and providing philanthropic loan finance to accelerate regeneration, including to conservation groups acquiring land for nature restoration. Julia has invested in a collection of companies offering reuse solutions who cooperate in moving forward the circular economy. Julia is also a member of Patriotic Millionaires UK – campaigning for tax on high level wealth.