Our mission

We Have The POWER is an environmental fund dedicated to supporting positive action and campaigns to tackle the climate and ecological emergency. We’re here to Protect Our World – Educate, Restore – POWER. We Have the POWER is also the mission statement under which environmental campaigner, Julia Davies helps support green innovation and practical action.

Food security, public health, education, the rights of vulnerable groups and even the arts and our heritage are all threatened by the climate crisis.   There are no theatres or art galleries in  sub-merged cities!   By supporting organisations working to protect the environment we are addressing all these issues. Environmental degradation and the increased frequency of catastrophic weather events are rendering huge areas of the planet uninhabitable, displacing millions of people. Efforts to improve living standards and eliminate poverty will fail without complimentary action on climate change.

Now is the time for innovation and ambition in tackling the issues faced by our planet.  We know what to do – we just need to get on with it!

We’re doing our bit by:-​

Supporting organisations at the non-coal face of climate and conservation action with much needed funds.  Here’s some of the support we have provided

Creating and making available free to download and use posters, signs and leaflets on subjects such as Gardening for nature and Climate Action

Campaigning and supporting community action such as our Waste Warrior Fish project

Meet our founder:
Julia Davies

I founded We Have the POWER at the beginning of 2020 with part of the sale proceeds of outdoor company Osprey Europe. I’ve been passionate about protecting the environment all my life and that commitment became stronger when I had children. I need to know that I’ve really tried to do something to tackle the climate and ecological emergency.

Nature is endlessly fascinating and each loss of a species through human action is a tragedy on so many levels. The challenges that face us are daunting, but we are an ingenious species and I believe that we really do Have the POWER to Protect and Restore our beautiful World. And hey – what do we lose by trying? Less pollution, better air quality, a nicer World for our children and grandchildren.

Supporting green innovation

As well as supporting environmental charities and campaigns Julia invests in start up companies and community initiatives providing solutions to tackle the Climate & Ecological Emergency.  You can read about some of these here.