A financial system that serves our Planet and its people

Published 17.12.20

The world has been in shock in 2020, a year which started with cataclysmic fires in Australia and has been dominated since by Covid_19. These events have provided a frightening wake up call for us all and a glimpse of the future if we don’t radically change the way we do business and, in doing so, our attitude towards our natural world.

ShareAction’s vision is of a world where the financial system serves our planet and its people.  It researches and ranks the largest global financial firms and exposes poor (and highlights good) practice.   It harnesses the power of investors to change harmful practices in the companies that they own, and challenges the banking sector on their financing of industries that we know are doing harm to the natural world. This year ShareAction compelled Barclay’s Bank to make a net zero pledge after working with a number of the bank’s investors to demand that it phases out its fossil fuel financing.

We have the POWER is supporting ShareAction at this crucial time as it works to translate climate-friendly pledges into action at the world’s largest financial firms.   ShareAction’s work at systems level is often not readily translatable to individual supporters.  To continue their crucial work, support from trusts and funds is absolutely vital.

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